People love numbers.

I get it: There's something satisfying about being able to quantify a concept -- to define it in numerical terms that tell us unequivocally what it's all about.

The problem is that in many cases, numbers don't actually tell the whole story. Sometimes, in fact, they can even cloud what's really important.

We see this sort of thing happen in tech all the time. For years, everyone loved to focus on a phone's specs -- how many pixels its screen contained, what level of processor it relied on for its computing power, and so on. But then we reached a point where, for most practical purposes, all of that stuff kinda became irrelevant. Pretty much every modern mobile device from midrange on up is fast. All the displays look stunning. The numbers alone just don't mean much anymore; what matters most is the real-world user experience -- something that can't be quantified.

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